Welcome to my site! Over the next few months, I will have new stories out. I’ll add details when the dates get closer, but they include a road trip story with a grim surprise, and a plot against an interstellar corporate enterprise. My most recent publication is part one of a novella I recently co-wrote with Robert Waters, entitled Painted into a Corner, which has been released in the Grantville Gazette.

Last year, an anthology I co-edited with Day Al-Mohamed was released by Dark Quest Books. Trust and Treachery: Tales of Power and Intrigue is a mixed-genre anthology of really fantastic stories. Four of the stories were selected by Tangent Online as among the year’s best.

Cover of Trust and Treachery: Tales of Power and Intrigue anthology

Over the course of the coming year, I will be teaching, attending a variety of conferences and conventions, working hard on my writing, and enjoying the wealth, glory, and adulation of my fans that comes with completing my PhD. (Or not.)

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  1. Hey – I could party over a Ph.D.

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