Tools for productivity

Updated 28 Oct. 2017

I have experimented with quite a few different tools to help me be more productive. This is a constant challenge for me–in part because I work too much. YAY for constant work! 😉 Anyway, I hope/expect you will find some of these useful.Photo of a tomato timer.

If you get distracted a lot, try music for studying. A personal favorite is Study Music Alpha Waves. Music is a really personal thing, though, so experiment and see what works for you.

Making yourself focus can be easier if you use a timer! Check out the Pomodoro technique. My personal favorite Pomodoro timer is the Marinara timer, which lets you set a variety of times. In particular, I like that it keeps on rolling from timed session to break to another timed session. I find that I focus better and get a ton done when I’m using it.

My Habitica avatar, riding a golden dragon on the beach, with my pet white seahorse by my side.

My Habitica avatar, riding a golden dragon on the beach, with my pet white seahorse by my side.

My overall favorite productivity tool is Habitica. This works like a role playing game, where you complete real-world activities, habits, and tasks to gain points and gold, and college eggs and hatching potions, and the food to feed your new pets. The site (with less-functional but still very effective apps for iOS and Android) is fun and rewarding, and quite complex, with parties and guilds and challenges to inspire you. It’s been tremendously effective for me–give it a shot! And check out the Habitica wiki and newbie info to get rolling.

The site Productive Flourishing, along with the associated Facebook group Creative Giant Campfire, has brought me some valuable and thought-provoking tools and techniques. I found the site through Habitica, where the Short-Term Goal Accountability guild provided links to site creator Charlie Gilkey’s free planners. The monthly action planner has helped me stay on track and appreciate my accomplishments this summer already (about a month and a half in).

And…there will be more to come, but I love these and wanted to share. Enjoy!