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I teach research and writing at Virginia Commonwealth University, in the Department of Focused Inquiry, and have also taught creative writing, mass com, a course about Harry Potter, and (in Fall 2015) pseudoscience. I have a PhD in literature and criticism, and an MFA in creative writing. My dissertation explored the many uses and functions of second person, as well as delving more deeply into point of view in general. (Hint: It’s not what you think.)

I’ve been a private investigator for over 12 years now, working full time for the first three years, half time for about four more, and very part time since then. My case work has been extremely varied, including patent infringement, counterfeiting, insurance fraud, backgrounds, theft, shootings, and murder. One of the few types of cases I haven’t worked on is infidelity.

I am also a writer and an editor. I co-edited the multi-genre anthology Trust and Treachery: Tales of Power and Intrigue. I have published stories in several genres, as well as essays, a variety of scholarly work, and a poem about semicolons. Click the handy Writing link above for more details.

I was born and “raised” in Staten Island, NY, and have lived in Harrisburg, PA; Worcester, MA; Olympia, Seattle, and other assorted cities in WA; and Dublin, Ireland. It is my great pleasure to be living in Richmond, VA, where the climate is sunnier and warmer than everywhere else I’ve ever lived. Also, the James River is gorgeous, the people are nice, and the traffic is a dream.

My dog, D’Argo, is completely adorable, and he says hi.

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  1. Fran Staley says:

    So happy to have found your website! Always look forward to the Facebook posts as they never fail to be interesting. Hello to your mom, hope she is well and happy. Your jury duty was very interesting to read, will watch for up dates. I am reading IT’S WHAT I DO by Lynsey Addario. trying to figure out why she would be a “conflict photojournalist”, now that is a new phrase for me, always something new. Best to you in all you do. Fran

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