Disaster Stories

You guys, I love disaster stories. I love them a lot. I know it means I’m a bad person, but I just can’t help it. There are specific types I like, though, and here they are:

Con disasters

Company disasters

  • Amy’s Baking Company
  • #ButtholeGate
  • Blockbuster! (Not sure this really counts, but it’s funny as hell.)
  • Really the best/worst corporate collapse story I can think of revolves around Enron. Watch the movie or read The Smartest Guys in the Room for some epic corporate shenanigans.

Other disasters

This list is just getting started–send me good examples if you find them!

*Also, let me clarify that I don’t in any way like when bad stuff happens to good people, which is clearly a part of what’s in these stories (like the ones involving harassment, or even just people paying for something they didn’t receive), but the stories are still compelling–and it’s essential to know what can happen in order to avoid some of these negative consequences. I also enjoy me some justice/comeuppance, when it’s on offer!